College Loft Beds Make Room for Study, not Clutter

With the reinvention of the loft bed in recent years, college students no longer need to worry about cramming their worldly possessions into a small space. College loft beds have come to the rescue, ensuring that students will not have to create a fragile balance in their small dorm rooms or apartments. These beds are a simple way to create extra usable space and to organize a small dorm room or apartment. They are stylish, creative, comfortable and affordable.

Todays loft beds are not the rickety variety of the past. Now, these ubiquitous beds are manufactured to be sturdy, dependable and long-lasting. Available in beautiful hardwood or a chic combination of wood and metal, modern loft beds are assembled easily and are guaranteed to remain in great shape through years of use.

Customize Your College Loft Bed With Personal Choices In addition, college loft beds today feature a dizzying array of options for extra comfort and versatility. For the tall student, many of these beds include an extra long bed frame, ensuring that even the tallest college basketball player can get a good nights sleep. Additionally, most loft beds allow for great flexibility in their configuration; the height of the bed or beds can be adjusted and the design can be altered to accommodate a desk, a dresser, a sofa, or any other item, as desired. This allows the college student, who generally moves a great deal over his academic life, to use the same loft bed throughout his college years and beyond.

Along with their practical benefits, college loft beds afford students important added space for enjoyment and companionship. Since the bed is elevated, there is more room in the dorm or apartment for other furniture pieces and for socializing. This allows for the addition of a sofa, a television stand, a computer desk, or a bean bag. Instead of opting to leave his room for studying and socializing, a student can enjoy the comforts of his own space by adding a loft bed to his dorm room. Rather than suffering with two or three beds crowded together on the ground and cramped walking space, there is now room to move about, to lounge, to study and to relax. This can significantly enhance a college students experience and allow him to feel much more at home in his new space.

Create Roommate Harmony with College Loft Beds – Really! Finally, college loft beds also enable roommates to get along more smoothly. The transition to living in a small space with others is never easy, but it can be aided by the addition of a loft. One student wants to sleep while another wants to study. A third student hopes to relax and read a book. Normally, the light would keep the sleeping student awake, and the two others would fight over the only desk in the cramped room. With the proper loft bed design, each student will have space for himself. One student can sit at the desk with the light on, while another can sleep above without the light distracting him; the third student can cuddle up on the sofa, relaxing and reading with a small light.

With college loft beds, the possibilities are endless. They are a sturdy, affordable, and creative answer to the cramped dorm room or college apartment. Not only do they offer maximum sleeping comfort, room for extra furniture and creative configurations, but they also allow students to study, relax and socialize with greater ease. With so many reasons to choose loft beds, every college experience can be made more successful and enjoyable.